Is it legal for you to own a Serval or F1 Savannah in your state?


In order to prevent the potential confiscation of any Serval or F1 by local or state authorities a buyer is fully responsible for researching their state laws and ordinances to find out if a Serval is legal to own in their state, county and city. Many states require a permit and have guidelines for the size and type of enclosure that they require. Laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations from all levels of government affect the ownership of exotic and hybrid animals. It is strongly recommended that county and city laws, and homeowners’ association rules be researched prior to buying or selling any hybrid animal.

It is the responsibility of every buyer to be an informed consumer and BeSpotted is not responsible for any Serval purchased illegally. The buyer is fully responsible for researching laws and ordinances to see if a Serval is legal to own in the city, county and state in which they reside. It is the Buyer’s responsibility, not the Seller’s to check out their laws. Buyer attests that they have performed a diligent investigation of all laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations from all levels of government relating to the possession of a Serval and that they are legally able to own one.

Links to FCF and Hybrid Law websites are provided to buyers on the this site under sub-catergory title "Links of Importance" which can be located on the bottom left of this site in order to assist buyers with their research regarding the legality of owning a Serval in their state.

Check with your state and local authorities. If you are not certain who to contact start with contacting your state's fish and wildlife department, or ask you veterinarian whom to contact.

The buyer agrees that if possession of said Serval were later to be found to be illegal per state and local laws, statues or ordinances, the Serval will be returned to the seller at the buyer's expense with no cost to the Seller, and with no refund of purchase price or expenses are provided to the buyer for the kitten or the return shipping.

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